All your stream chats in one place

Combine all your chats, from any service, into one place. Easily swap between different chats with chat groups.

Built for restreamers

We're excited to get this in your hands, and we'll be adding many more features and platforms throughout the beta.

Chat Groups

Join chats from many different services into one combined chat window.

Unlimited Chat Members

Whether grouped, or on their own, theres no limit to the number of chats you can have.

Emotes and Chat Badges

Full support for emotes and chat badges

Send Messages

Broadcast a single message to all of the members of your chat group

Secure & Encrypted

Backed by Aircast's new auth system with support for 2fa. Chat tokens are stored encrypted.

Many Services

Support for Twitch, YouTube, Glimesh,, and Trovo! Let us know which services you'd like to see added.

Moderation controls (coming soon)

Moderate all your chats, across services, in one window.

Chat Overlay (coming soon)

Combine all your chats into one, and then add it as an overlay for all your viewers to see.

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