A better way to restream

No need to change your stream setup, reach your true audience with just a few clicks.

  • Rebroadcast your stream to multiple platforms

    You can rebroadcast your stream to an unlimited number of destinations, including the same platform multiple times, as well as custom destinations supporting RTMP.

  • No changes in setup required

    Unlike other restreaming services, Aircast can pull your video from wherever you are already streaming to. This means you don't have to change a thing about your existing streaming setup.

  • Console and Mobile friendly

    As you don't need to stream to us, we have full support for Xbox and PlayStation restreaming. If you can stream to one of our input providers, you can restream with Aircast.

  • Get started with a 14 day free trial

    With our Essential tier, you can rebroadcast your input to one other output for as long as you like. Upgrade to our Streamer plan for just £6 a month to unlock unlimited outputs including Facebook and RTMP.

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  • Go live everywhere all at once

    Enable auto-start and we'll detect when you go live on Twitch and start up your configured destinations automatically

  • Stream doubling+

    With our premium plan, for just £6 per month you can restream to the same platform as many times as you like, no limits.

  • No watermark, branding, resolution or quality limits

    We don't apply a watermark, or in any other way promote Aircast on your stream. And we don't apply any bandwidth, resolution or other quality limits.

  • No added charge for facebook groups and page streaming.

    Facebook streaming to all areas is included in our premium tier for just £6 per month.

  • Dark mode

    Yes, we have a dark mode

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